Sunday, July 31, 2011


Again, a thank you to the organizers. They worked long and hard trying to please all of us. We had a great show; much less to pack out and much more room for our shopping.

The Bateman books and Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes sold out quickly. But don’t despair, I’ve poked around the studio and found more copies of both and have reordered. So, if you missed them at the show just email us to order a copy (

Diane and I have always had a soft spot for fine threads, and it seems we’re not alone! We introduced Czarina (210/2 silk) and Ranee (140/2 silk) at Midwest Weavers and they flew out the door. Just a handful of Czarina left and only a bit more than that of Ranee. With no samples!

Now we're home for a bit and are looking to weave! I want to use the Ranee as the tabby weft in a Bateman design and the Czarina for a kumihimo braid.  Tell us what you're planning to do with your new purchases!