Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Weekend of Weaving!

Just back from a weekend of weaving at the Mannings! The fiber group I belong to went up for a class with Tom Knisely on lesser known weaves. Here are some of the things we worked on:

Dimity -
From the class:

…and some of you may remember a scarf we did in JOY yarns in a similar weave.

Pique –
Also from class…

Bergman –
It’s hard to see the details in this very small photo, but the pattern area has small diamonds and the structure uses 3 tie downs in rosepath order.

Quigley –
This structure has 4 tie downs per block.

Bateman Multi-Tabby –
The bottom part of the sample is treadled as written and the other two mix-up the treadle order. Very subtle but effective.

We have a scarf sample of a Bateman Multi-Tabby at our shows. I can’t put my hands on the photo, so stop by the booth!

Diane and I had a great weekend and really enjoyed having so much time blocked out just to weave. The Bateman Multi-Tabby is one of Diane’s favorites. Now that I’m home, I want to revisit some of the weaves we worked on and get a little more creative. Many of these structures were used for traditional coverlets, but we all know that I’m not very traditional. We only used 8 harnesses in class, but I have 32 to play with! I’d like to experiment with more blocks and some abstract arrangements. And , of course, with JOY 60/2 silk or 30/2 Tencel.

Diane and I will be doing another workshop with Tom in May focusing just on the Bateman Multi-Tabby structure, so look out for more samples!