Tuesday, November 9, 2010


One of my goals this year was to give myself playtime. Not with any particular project in mind, just time to experiment with new (and old) techniques and materials. There doesn’t have to be a perfect piece, no oohs and ahs expected; just what-ifs.  I have more than enough books and materials for inspiration (because when you don’t have time to make things the solution is clearly to buy books and materials for “eventually”!).  
I’ve done a few things, but to force myself to make time, I signed up for an online class. The Ratty Tatty Papers is offered by a Dale Rollerson in Australia and is taken by people all over the world. We are communicating through a Yahoo group.  Check out  for more information. Lessons come out every couple of weeks for the next few months.  Here are the first of my trial and error efforts:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home again after Rhinebeck and SAFF

It’s taken me a week to catch my breath after doing back to back shows at opposite ends of the country.  Okay, maybe Diane and I had a playdate or two, but we’ll get back to that. 
Rhinebeck was lovely.  We enjoyed the beautiful fall season in the Hudson Valley and had a wonderful show. Diane had time to take one (and only one) picture of our booth (right).

On the way out of town on Monday, we stopped for New York apples (for me, the comfort food of childhood) and a pumpkin.  I still have the Mitsu apples; they are waiting to be made into a pie.  Which, in turn, is waiting for my kitchen renovation to be completed!

The one negative from the show is that theft from booths seems to be on the rise. The odd skein has occasionally gone missing, but lately more of us are having big ticket items taken – drum carders, finished work and samples.  I promise not to rant (well ,not too much) but I am posting a picture of a sample necklace that was taken from our booth at Rhinebeck two weeks ago.  Each of our necklace kits are unique, you’ll never see the same combination of yarns and beads.  So if you see this sample……… well enough said.
In brighter news, SAFF followed close on the heels of Rhineback, so with a brief stop home to restock (and remind our husbands who their wives are) we were off to Asheville, NC!  Diane and I love this show; its Maryland Sheep and Wool at a slower pace. There’s plenty of time to visit with friends, see other booths (i.e. shop!) and still manage our own booth.

We’ve never had so many people bring their projects for us to see! Here are a couple finished shawls. 
It’s always wonderful to see finished pieces and how happy customers are sashaying about in their handiwork!