Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall JOY

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 
Just back from Hemlock, NY. Diane and I always enjoy these small fiber festivals. The pace is relaxed and we see many old friends. I spent high school and some of my college years in the Finger Lakes region and fall is my favorite season. Nothing like a New York apple!

It’s rained a bit every year we’ve done this show, and this year was no exception. Mother Nature flexed her muscles and rained for set-up and through the night.  But the sun shone bright during the show on Saturday and Sunday.  
Studio spruce-up
My husband says our whole house is my studio (I admit, things do migrate from room to room) and Diane’s describes his “castle” as a factory.   I’ll never get the Good Housekeeping seal of approval (ah well….) but even I have my limits.  This weekend I tackled the room where we dye and I reskein yarn.  

I’ve covered the entire floor in the rubber mats we use in the booth. It helps when you’re standing on hard concrete all day, is easy to clean and a single tile can be replaced when it gets too grubby. My husband even commented on how good it felt underfoot. His enthusiasm waned, however, as the afternoon wore on and we were still moving furniture.  (Used a few marital points there.) Whenever I clean one room it seems to have a ripple effect in the others; so for now, I have a picture-perfect work area… 
…Until I sit down and do some work, anyway.  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ode to Test Knitters

When Diane and I first started Just Our Yarn, we made all the samples ourselves.  In no time at all, we realized that was not going to be practical.  Enter the test knitters!  In addition to creating the gorgeous samples you get to see and touch, test knitters also give us feedback on the patterns and instructions.  While getting 300 pounds of yarn in the mail can be exciting, I love the gratification of getting samples back, so I thought I’d share what was in the latest packages:

Flared Smoke Ring Cowl in Mira

Mira is a luscious cashmere lurex we decided to try. We don’t have hundreds of pounds of it so you won’t find it on the website. Check out the show schedule for where to get an up close and personal experience with this yarn.

Pearls of Wisdom in angora/wool (LE15)

LE means it’s a limited edition yarn, in other words we liked it, bought it and can’t get it again. 

Lily Shawl in Myne

This shawl continues to be a favorite and we’ve had it knit again in another colorway. The cashmere feels wonderfully decadent and the beads add just a bit of glitz.

Wonder what next week’s mail will bring…..........