Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer and more.........

1. Convergence

Back from Convergence! We had a wonderful time and came home with many textile treasures.  Check out the book "Imprints on Cloth" by Sadae and Tomoko Torimaru for how these skirts are made. The indigo and white one is for my daughter for Christmas (brownie points to me for getting a head start there!).

The September/October issue of Handwoven just arrived on my doorstep and I’m excited to see 2 projects in it using our yarn! Giovanna Imperia used our 30/2 Tencel in her scarf in combination with her yarns. So now to get a warp on my loom and try out those many yarns I’ve bought from her!  I picked up some more at the show to add to my growing stash (see photo).

The second piece is a double weave scarf by Rebecca Fox, a member of the Blue Ridge Spinning and Weaving Guild. The Guild has graciously been a guinea pig for our workshops. Rebecca did a terrific job – Congrats!

2. Colors of the Blue Ridge

As Robert Cratchett said, “I am behind my time…”.  The kits for Rebecca’s scarf in Handwoven should have been put together by now and on the web!  Alas, I am still working on that one.

Perhaps cloning is a solution? I’d certainly like Cathie 2.0 to help reskein and package kits (I’ll keep the dyeing duties, thanks).  Also, if she could have some skills I don’t?  Say, accounting and computer know-how.......  That’s not too much to ask, right?

3. Kumihimo

Diane volunteered me to give the fiber group presentation in December – and chose my topic!  What are friends for?  The fiber group is a group of women who bead, weave, spin, knit, braid… in other words a little bit of everything.  Diane chose jewelry techniques. She generously told me I could interpret that as I wanted!

So now samples and maybe a short hands on……. Kumihimo jewelry? Findings? Here are a couple of pictures of projects I’ve been playing with –

We won’t mention how long these beads have been demanding my attention. The ends of the braid on the top will be beaded – so far I’ve unbeaded more than I’ve beaded. But the up side is that I’ve learned lots of new techniques.

4. Travel Broadens the Mind

At least that’s when Diane and I do our most creative thinking!  On the way back from Convergence we came up with the idea of having a show featuring projects made from Just Our Yarn yarns. Now we need to nail down some of the specifics and here’s where you all can help. We’ve never done anything like this and any suggestions from those of you with experience would be greatly appreciated - submit your thoughts here.