Thursday, July 8, 2010

After finding this “neck-piece”, called Sev[en]circle, I was compelled to knit up my own.  The pattern can be found for free on Ravelry.  

As is the same with anyone who knits or weaves, I have a lot of leftover bits.  This seemed like a fun way to use some of them up.  As a great bonus, it knits up quickly: perfect for presents!  

The first time through, I pretty much followed the pattern, using Aziza (5/2 tencel) and our limited edition Rayon Seed, to make Scarf 2.  I like the finished product, but it is heavier than I had imagined.  Here are two pictures of this first scarf.  The first (left) is just the scarf, and in the second (right) I added a pin to the section where all the circles come together (moving it away from the back of the neck).  Personally, I prefer the scarf with the pin, I think without it the piece is a little dull, and the weight of the strands support the pin nicely.  

Sticking to a pattern is not my strong point, however, and soon I was changing it to suit my own purposes.  The second time through I swapped the Aziza for something lighter, our 10/2 tencel, Almaza.  This second scarf is a work in progress, seen below, and I think I may stop after only a few circle strands.  
My daughter seems pleased with the results of the first scarf, as she is wearing it around the house already.  As for me, I’m looking at the patch of stockinette at the connection of the strands on the second scarf and thinking of using this yarn combination for another project.