Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bateman Weaves

It goes without saying that I don’t weave as much as I’d like... but once a year Diane and I set aside a weekend to do just that.

In 2008, we went up to The Mannings and began to delve into the Bateman Weave books with Tom Knisley. A weaver’s dream – looms warped for you, a clear and concise explanation of how the drafts came about, and weaving to the wee hours. Many of you saw our samples at Convergence in Tampa that year, and Diane even used one as her contribution to Fine Threads Study Group.

This year we returned, hopefully starting a new and refreshing tradition, getting the chance to play with Park, Boulevard, Chevron, and Combination weaves. It was relaxing to get away from the pile-up of boxes in my living room as we wait for our kitchen renovation to get started back home.

I’m working on my notes now and hope to have the samples hemmed in time for Convergence in July. Here are a couple quick pics:

Both of these are of Boulevard weaves, from Bateman. The piece in the first picture uses one color of Almaza (10/2 tencel) for the warp and the tabby with Myne (lace-weight cashmere) for the pattern. The second piece has, again, an Almaza warp, this time with the tabby in Mira (cashmere lurex) and the pattern in a second color of Almaza.

Now that we’ve had a great overview of all these different drafts, we’re looking forward to returning and getting a more in-depth look at some of the weaves. Maybe one book at a time from now on!