Monday, January 18, 2010

I need to reskein our Tencel yarns, but I have workmen in redoing the bathrooms and they’re in my way. So…Maggie and I are off to the art store again. I bought a book on jump starting your creativity - The Creative Edge by Mary Todd Beam ( . We used clear adhesive backed shelf liner as a resist over the initial charcoal lines, liquid acrylics and various gels and gessos.

The photos are of Maggie’s work. I have to admit she was much more successful. I’d like to try the exercise again with batik in mind.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

Still on the Hawaii theme.

Diane and I have been dyeing our Limited Editions yarns for this year. So I need to attend to the rinsing. What to do while I wait for the washer to fill…. A la Matisse, I got out the grey scale paper and scissors.

Not sure where these are going but it’s fun and we have hundreds of pictures from the various botanical gardens for inspiration.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As soon as I packed up from the last show my husband and I were off to Hawaii. We had a relaxing 2 weeks on Maui and the Big Island. Three things will stand out in my memory – whales, volcanoes and botanical gardens. The whales came early this year and we had ample opportunity to watch them.

We took a sunrise boat trip to see lava flowing into the sea. I didn’t think I got seasick, but it was still a good thing I didn’t have breakfast and the seas were “calm”. I’m no James Wong Howe, but I did manage to operate my new camera in movie mode. Clear stills were a problem with the rolling seas (and finding those camera settings in the dark), but the colors were interesting.

The most recent issue of Maggie Grey’s Workshop on the Web ( has an article on cropping photos for a mixed media piece. Our anniversary was coming up and I thought the volcano pictures might work into a wall piece. Found the perfect red silk for the background. Then I remembered a book I bought called Hot Textiles ( and thought I might try burning Lutradur. This took more experimenting than I had time in the 2 days before our anniversary. It moved to the “to be completed” pile and I moved on to plan B.

I could still experiment with stitching the photos, just on a smaller scale – postcards. The cards are a sandwich of Lutradur, felt and hand-dyed cotton)

The background on both cards is a picture my husband took printed on Lutradur (first coated with digital ground). The flower is free machine embroidered based on a photo of his too. I found some great water-soluable stabilizer that could be printed on unfortunately the printed Lutradur background didn’t take well to getting wet. So I resorted to freehanding a design and embroidering that. Fortunately simple shapes. The Pacific Tsunami Museum logo and the art print were printed on photos paper and stitched down. I have a few more ideas but time is running out…..

My daughter, Maggie, came home from college and we were going to take a class together. Instead we had a grand time in the paper store and brought home all the stuff to make boxes. …And the fabric postcards fit perfectly in the one I did.