Tuesday, November 9, 2010


One of my goals this year was to give myself playtime. Not with any particular project in mind, just time to experiment with new (and old) techniques and materials. There doesn’t have to be a perfect piece, no oohs and ahs expected; just what-ifs.  I have more than enough books and materials for inspiration (because when you don’t have time to make things the solution is clearly to buy books and materials for “eventually”!).  
I’ve done a few things, but to force myself to make time, I signed up for an online class. The Ratty Tatty Papers is offered by a Dale Rollerson in Australia and is taken by people all over the world. We are communicating through a Yahoo group.  Check out  for more information. Lessons come out every couple of weeks for the next few months.  Here are the first of my trial and error efforts: