Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quality Time with my Loom

Diane and I put into practice those time optimization skills we've been talking about and finished dyeing a day early. We decided that was a sign to weave the next day.

Still on my loom was fabric for placemats that were to be 2009 Christmas presents! I’ve woven them off and they may make it under the tree this year.

The draft is from Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes, a book put together by the Weaver’s Guild of Rhode Island. It’s Meigs Mountain in Crackle Weave on page 188. They are selling the book and we still have signed copies for anyone who’s interested.

We've also done samples from this book with our lucious new cashmere yarns!  Come check them out at out booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool (MAIN EXHIBITION HALL:B6)!

The next one was another stash buster. The warp is cottolin, the pattern yarn is a Noro paper yarn from eons ago, and the tabby is black cotton.  I wove until there wasn’t any weft left. There was however more warp – so maybe napkins too? I switched to a cottolin tabby and used Almaza for the pattern weft.

What to put on the loom next…..