Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Playtime

I have lots and lots of thrums around. Some are just short ends from the reskeining, others are loom waste, and still more are substantial balls of weft leftovers. Diane’s birthday is coming up and I decided take the day off and play.

Short on time, it helped to set myself some “rules” (of course rules can be broken…..).
- Materials had to be from stash;
- Use up thrums;
- Use up some of the old buttons hanging around;
- Learn some new techniques;
- Try out come of those things I’ve been buying.

The background is loom waste couched onto 100gm Lutradur. Add some fusible Angelina fibers that have been lurking around for longer than I care to admit… those were ironed together in a wispy piece for the white area.

Then … a little time getting to know the sewing machine again; playing with the built-in embroidery stitches.

On to the drawer with ends from kumihimo braids….nothing quite right. Not to worry, I have numerous small balls of weft leftovers in almost every color. 5 or 6 braids later I had the right combination. Do I get stash reduction point for those 4 or 5 extra braids I made? Movement in the right direction anyway.

Diane, being the good friend she is, has introduced me to yet another crafty endeavor….beading. The button was glued to the background then beaded around. Beads also outline the braid and are scattered on the surface.

Finally the backing and a button loop…. Now my husband always asks “And what is it? What will you do with it?” Well, it’s not really anything, but I had a good time and Diane will find my efforts amusing. To my practical husband, I explained you could put a hook through the button loop and hang it as wall or Christmas tree ornament. Knowing my addiction to Christmas tree ornaments, that seemed to satisfy him.