Friday, February 5, 2010

I’ve been reskeining yarn madly for both Madrona and Stitches West. After tying off the skeins I have lots of thrums. The piles of threads around my feet are interesting color combinations …. So I’m experimenting with glueing them into sheets.

To make silk paper you layout the fibers and glue them together with textile medium. So how about using the same technique but replacing the fibers with thrums.I cut a piece of window screen twice the size I wanted and laid the threads out on half of it.

The other half of the screen is then folded over the threads. Using a brush, I wetted out the threads and then coated it with undiluted textile medium. The thread and screen sandwich hung to dry over.

Here’s another colorway I did….

The fibers are stiff and you can see through the “paper”. … I’ll probably try to cut a shape and stitch over it somehow.
Come to think about it… We’re expecting massive amounts of snow here today and tomorrow. Maybe I can work this into a Valentine’s card for my husband and leave it for him before I fly out Tues….. I’ve had no luck finding a card.