Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As soon as I packed up from the last show my husband and I were off to Hawaii. We had a relaxing 2 weeks on Maui and the Big Island. Three things will stand out in my memory – whales, volcanoes and botanical gardens. The whales came early this year and we had ample opportunity to watch them.

We took a sunrise boat trip to see lava flowing into the sea. I didn’t think I got seasick, but it was still a good thing I didn’t have breakfast and the seas were “calm”. I’m no James Wong Howe, but I did manage to operate my new camera in movie mode. Clear stills were a problem with the rolling seas (and finding those camera settings in the dark), but the colors were interesting.

The most recent issue of Maggie Grey’s Workshop on the Web ( has an article on cropping photos for a mixed media piece. Our anniversary was coming up and I thought the volcano pictures might work into a wall piece. Found the perfect red silk for the background. Then I remembered a book I bought called Hot Textiles ( and thought I might try burning Lutradur. This took more experimenting than I had time in the 2 days before our anniversary. It moved to the “to be completed” pile and I moved on to plan B.

I could still experiment with stitching the photos, just on a smaller scale – postcards. The cards are a sandwich of Lutradur, felt and hand-dyed cotton)

The background on both cards is a picture my husband took printed on Lutradur (first coated with digital ground). The flower is free machine embroidered based on a photo of his too. I found some great water-soluable stabilizer that could be printed on unfortunately the printed Lutradur background didn’t take well to getting wet. So I resorted to freehanding a design and embroidering that. Fortunately simple shapes. The Pacific Tsunami Museum logo and the art print were printed on photos paper and stitched down. I have a few more ideas but time is running out…..

My daughter, Maggie, came home from college and we were going to take a class together. Instead we had a grand time in the paper store and brought home all the stuff to make boxes. …And the fabric postcards fit perfectly in the one I did.