Monday, November 9, 2009

The open house is November 20th….not so very far away and so many boxes to go through. Finally unpacked the yarns we took to Rhinebeck and SAFF. All neatly stowed away.

We’ve done more skeining and come November 20th there’ll be lots to choose from. How to display all those yarns…Like Scarlett, we can’t think about that right now… if we do we’ll go crazy. We’ll think about that tomorrow.

So, on to the boxes that we have tucked away over the last 5 years. A bit like Christmas…. we’ve found yarns we dyed and swatches we made. Yarns we loved but couldn’t get a reliable supply of. Yarns we loved but somehow never got around to deciding on. Yarns we decided not to carry any more. Yarns that have been discontinued….

Then there’s the equipment. We’ve tried all sorts over the years. We can’t emphasize enough how necessary an umbrella swift is, but we have more than any 2 people can use. Time to sell a few of them. And the same goes for the ball winders and skein winders, even a well loved warping reel.

Oh, and a box of books… Did we mention we like books? Well, OK so we don’t need multiples…. For every pattern we carry, we’ve probably tried 3-4 others. So look for sale patterns too.

Cathie mentioned the open house to her husband last night. He’s already made alternative plans for the evening, imagine….

Come join us at the Open House!
November 20, noon - 9:00 PM
6801 Montour Drive
Falls Church, VA 22043